Hello and welcome to Graceful Tides! I'm Alisha, wife to an amazing husband and mother to 3 (soon to be 4) wild and crazy kids. I am a licensed massage therapist, certified lactation counselor, MuTu Pro™, and childbirth educator. 

My life has been filled with lots of surprises, heart ache, and unconditional love. Along the way I have learned quite a bit of useful and not so useful information. And because I have a passion for sharing my knowledge and wisdom with others; I am sharing with you about my adventures, challenges, and successful tips that I learn about motherhood, the benefit of movement, the magic of childbirth, and everything in between. 

These pages are filled with ideas and information to help you live a more mindful, natural, healthy, and full life. This information is designed to empower you to be the woman, wife, and mother that you are meant to be. Find encouragement, motivation, and love. 

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