Don’t Sneeze…

Don’t sneeze after childbirth! It’s a common joke that I hear about postpartum moms peeing their pants after childbirth. I used to laugh about it and thought that it must be normal since it was so well known. That’s just what happens after childbirth – we leak. We learn to deal with it – Silently.

But we don’t have to deal with leaking. Or incontinence, pain, or weakness in our core or pelvis. We CAN experience healing and live leak free with proper alignment and correct exercises.

Check out to become empowered, educated and to find strength and support on your healing journey.

As a MuTu Pro™, I can help you improve your overall alignment and body function by utilizing the exercises from the MuTu® System while creating a personalized movement/exercise/nutrition routine specific to your needs. I offer one to one online and/or in person training sessions.

You’re not alone. Don’t suffer silently. There is hope for healing.

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