Classes + Workshops

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Foundations of Pregnancy

This class gives this you the tips you need to promote a healthy pregnancy and help prepare you for birth. Perfect for families in the 1st or 2nd trimester! Learn what to eat, what to avoid, movements and exercises for pregnancy, how to protect your pelvic floor health, and your options in health care and support during pregnancy and postpartum.

Foundations of Birth

This class discusses what to expect during labor, birth, and immediate postpartum. Topics include how a baby is born, anatomy of the pelvis, all about labor, birth plans, complications, variations of labor, interventions, your options for birth and labor support.

New Beginnings

This is an informative and educational class addressing breastfeeding, newborn care, an postpartum needs. A MUST for all 1st time parents and if you've ever had breastfeeding challenges.

Mother Circle

For all mothers - pregnant and postpartum. A relaxed gathering to connect, explore topics together, and share the journey of motherhood. Topics include, but are not limited to, breastfeeding, baby care, printing, exercise and movement, postpartum healing (diastasic recti + pelvic floor), baby wearing, and natural living.


Labor Prep Workshop

A must attend for all parents - first time and seasoned. This interactive workshop provides you with practical tools for labor. Breathing and relaxation techniques, positions to ease discomfort, techniques to best support the laboring mother, coping strategies for labor partners, how to time contractions, and more.

Infant Massage Workshop

In this hands-on interactive workshop, you’ll experience bonding with your baby through an infant massage routine that has benefits for you and baby. Discover how massage can help sensory integration, sleep, and digestion. Learn techniques that help you support the baby’s immune system and treat common health issues (such as cough, cold, and constipation).

Body Confidence Workshop

Join me, Sarasota's only MUTU Pro™, for an extremely important yet often neglected area in women's health. You'll learn how to restore your postpartum body (no matter how long it's been) and experience whole body function and relief. We will discuss alignment, breath, core and pelvic floor muscles and how they work. You'll leave with new tools and the knowledge you need to strengthen your body and your confidence.

Call or email for dates and to RSVP for classes + workshops 941.504.4423 or