Music of the Waves

My Brand.

A few months ago, my oldest daughter found a metal nautilus shell decoration at Target. She was very intrigued and asked so many questions about it. She begged me to buy it, stating that she just had to have the shell that plays the “music of the waves”. So, we brought it home and I used the opportunity to interest her to learn more about the nautilus shell. We ta
lked about the nautilus creature – its a living fossil and has been around for the last 500 million years! The mollusk lives in the same shell for its entire life, creating a new chamber every time it grows. The cross-section of a nautilus shell reveals many mother-of-pearl lined chambers arranged in the Golden Mean spiral. In my quick google search of the nautilus, I found several symbolic meanings that inspired me. I held on to them and when I sat down to create an image for my brand, I decided on a nautilus shell.

The nautilus represents beauty + perfection and is symbolic of life’s unfolding mysteries. To me, each chamber represents a season of life and growth. It’s a perfect reminder that our life experiences, both good and bad, help to shape our future and create a beautiful picture.

Graceful Tides – Navigating through life’s rhythms and growing in perfect harmony. One step at a time.

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