new beginnings

New beginnings.

Rush of emotions fluttering round. Am I ready? Hold tightly to hope and push off swinging. Legs flailing. Eyes closed. Inhale chaos. Exhale fear. Sweat. Loosened grip now falling. Falling down. Down, down. Wind is whipping through the trees. Hair is tangled, twisting, binding. Feet are dangling from a tree. Fall to my knees and softly. Softly cry. Cry for help but mute. Voice inaudible. Lungs collapsed. Eyes arid. Hands tied. Legs crossed, but feet. Feet are dancing. Leaping. Twirling. Unraveling. Untangling. Untying. Inhale deeply, taste so salty, sweet heavenly song. Heart is pounding. Eyes are focusing, narrowing, clearing. Hold on tightly. Strong and mighty pushing from the ground. Soaring to the sky. It’s peaceful here. The struggle is past. I have survived. I am strong. Brave. Woman am I.


Let us hold tightly without wavering to the hope we affirm, for God can be trusted to keep his promise.   -Hebrews 10:23  

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