I’ve been using essential oils (eo’s) for years. They are amazing little bottles packed with powerful healing benefits that can be beneficial for the entire family. I use them just as frequently as I use the super powers of breastmilk, bone broth, and coconut oil.

I was first introduced to essential oils when I went to massage school in 2010. I attended a short, 5 hour class designed to introduce aromatherapy to us in order to spark an interest to learn more in our own time. I was amazed at the purity and power that a single drop of plant essence could have on the human body. And yes, it did intrigue me to learn more, so I started looking into different oils and how I could use them for myself and my family and future clients.

My first bottle of essential oil was bought from the local health food store. Lavender. I like to think of lavender as a “gate-way” herb or essential oil – Everyone has heard about lavender, it’s the most commonly asked for essential oil during a massage treatment simply because its well known that lavender helps with relaxation. Lavender is also a great go-to oil for reducing inflammation and pain. It holds antibacterial and antiviral properties too, so its my first pick when healing minor cuts, scrapes, and bruises. It can even help reduce congestion from allergies, colds, and viruses!

I love my essential oils and I want to share them with everyone. I think my new tagline should be ‘there’s an oil for that’ but maybe that’s already taken? Anyways, for all of you natural minded ‘crunchy’ mamas, do your research and add Essential Oils to your First Aide Arsenal. You won’t regret it. *As a side note, eo’s are not only for ‘crunchy mamas’ as they are unbiased and can be used by anyone.



If you’re interested in learning more about how to integrate essential oils into your life, please ask me, I love to share which products I like best and how I use them.

**These statements are not meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any illness, disease, or abnormal function of the human body.