Take a Walk. Everyday.

Have you walked today?

Walking is the best way to take back your health. It gets the body moving, blood flowing, strengthens and conditions muscles + bones, improves balance + coordination, and it boosts endorphins that reduce stress and depression.

Walking makes you happy. And keeps you sane – So that you can deal with your sweet, screaming baby and piles of {clean} laundry that the kids drag across the living room floor. After a brisk morning walk, you can take on the world. Peacefully collect the scrambled eggs and shattered porcelain from the floor after your toddler violently threw his breakfast and your cherished serving platter onto the floor. Blissfully respond to your daughter, for the eighth time in a row, that she cannot have icecream for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And, you may even still have energy to entertain the Mr. after the kids have gone to bed. Walking can work wonders.

Not only does walking improve your mood, but it improves your physique too. Walking in proper alignment allows your body to utilize and tone your core muscles that are responsible for stabilizing the pelvis. It is extremely effective at restoring core muscle strength after childbirth. Walking (and standing and squatting too), in proper alignment, naturally reduces intra-abdominal pressure and allows the body to begin healing. This can help narrow diastasis recti (abdominal separation), allow for a flatter tummy, restore pelvic floor strength, and relieve aches and pains.

Walking is a whole body activity. Think about the way your body moves and how it interacts with the ground, with the surroundings. Use the following ‘rules’ to help guide your body into proper walking alignment. Don’t get overwhelmed, simply change one thing at a time. Breathe, relax, and enjoy your walk.

  • feet straight ahead
  • torso straight, not leaning
  • head straight
  • legs straight – with straight legs, propel your body foward by pushing away from the ground with the ball and toes of the back foot
  • don’t thrust or tuck the chest or butt
  • gait pattern: strike heel, flatten foot, lift heel then lift toes
  • move your arms
  • barefoot walking is best. If shoes are necessary, wear shoes with little to no heel
  • stretch: especially the back of the legs (hamstrings + calves)




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