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I’ve mentioned before that I’m passionate about many things. One of them is how the body functions. I am constantly amazed at how intricately detailed our body is. I am blown away by the body’s ability to adapt to different forces, correct misalignment, and breathe to restore balance.

I’m also passionate about empowering women. I love sharing my experiences and expertise in pregnancy, labor, and the postpartum period – breastfeeding, nutrition, and healing. It’s important to hold space for ourselves, to accept the changes we experience during our transformation into mothers. Pregnancy and childbirth is so raw and real. It’s an unforgettable experience that forever changes us. Change is good, its growth. But its not always welcomed or comfortable. Our changing body can sometimes fail to function properly and it can be difficult to talk about it and resolve the issues. It’s important for us to talk about these changes and seek answers to our problems.

An uncomfortable change occurred for me after my last pregnancy. I experienced extreme weakness and lack of proper function in my abdomen. It felt like there was a gaping hole that exposed my insides and left me feeling open and empty. Luckily, I knew about diastasis recti (DR), a separation of the abdominal muscles. While I was pregnant I found an amazing program that helped to close the ‘close the gap’ and strengthen the core and pelvic floor. I loved it so much I became a MuTu Pro™ in order to share and help other mothers restore the health of their postpartum body.

So what is MuTu™? It is an exercise program and so much more…

  • It is community and support; knowing that there are other women overcoming similar obstacles in their healing journey is so encouraging.
  • It is education; what the body is capable of and how to fuel it with proper nutrition, alignment, and activity.
  • It is exercises; that heal and teach you how to connect with your body again. It’s small changes that lead to a happy body and sound being.

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